Peg Acoustical Tuning Page....
(Modified 1/2021)
...Now that the violin is well tuned we can turn our attention to
the tuning pegs:
...When we tap the tuning peg inline with the axis from the outside/in; we want this tap tone to be the same as the back plate {198 HZ/ G below middle C on the piano).
...This will help with the brilliance of the tones played.
...... I want to express my thanks to Pierre Lieba for his work on tuning peg tap tuning and his encouragement that it is an important area to tap tune.
..Tap in this direction;
The goal tap tones are :
G = 134 HZ ;; E = 176 HZ ;;
D = 191.3 HZ ;; A = 198 HZ.
..If end Tap tone is too high, then gently scrape; sand; or file; a little material from end to quickly lower the end tap tone of the peg.
..If the end tap tone is too low, then remove material evenly from the both sides until it is at goal HZ
violin085006.jpg violin085005.jpg violin085004.jpg
Ideal Tap Tones...
Ideal Wood Tone... .........213 HZ
Ideal Rub Tone...
........# 22
..As a check, the downward tap on the decorative collar of the tuning peg should be in harmony with the 'from the side' Tap Tone.
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