..Now the date is 11/2020. I have just completed two years of a "violin timbre" study. As a result; I would not say that an ideal approach to better violin tone on a new instrument is to: Hematite Burnish the wood twice; Dutch Rush that surface twice; and as to the varnish: two coats of (thick) Fuller's Earth Varnish; followed by two final coats of clear varnish.
..This process yields a fine acoustical sound. At this point I do not know whether a later application of Flitz Polish will improve this or not.... Future tests after this varnish dries well will tell! {11/2020 David Langsather}
..Well now it is almost Christmas 2020 and reviewing the results of some tests : I would say that after the varnish as cured a few months on a violin, it will benefit from the Flitz polish technique even with the above varnish ground preperation.
...Here is an E-Mail conversation stream from a gentleman named Fritz who say this about the online information about Flitz Violin polish technique:

 Hi David,
The results of the Flitz varnish are spectacular. Tone is even more like old Italian Guarneri sound, more power, clarity, crispness, roundness and color Awesome - 30% or more improved. Thank you,

I was wrong about it being spirit varnish. It was originally, but I had it stripped down to the ground varnish, and then had this varnish with antiquing applied: My fiddle looks almost exactly like this one now.

From: David Langsather <>
 Sent: Thu, Nov 26, 2020 8:18 pm
Subject: Re: Flitz polish

  My best estimate is that it works the same way. I have tried it on some old violins I had around and think were probably spirit varnish and it had the same effect.
  Just try it out on a small area and tap against the corresponding untreated area to hear any differences. Remember, four applications had the maximum effect; and you must NOT leave it standing on the surface for more than a few seconds; polish it in right a way.
Please let me know your impressions...
Sent: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 19:58:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Flitz polish
    Quick question for you. Does the Flitz polishing technique work on German spirit varnish as well or at all, like on oil varnish?

If so, I want to give it a try.