Construction photos (92 pages total) of my Opus #16 Violin;... a collection of 345 photos, with descriptions!...
(just click on photo or text, and you will be taken to that part of my photo album covering that aspect of construction, then click the 'back to summary page' to return here. To advance to next page in album, just click on the 'advance to next page' box.) This is a complete and detailed description of construction.
Preparing Plates Shaping outside of plates
Wood Selection
Rib Structure
Purfling plates
Graduating Plates
Neck to body
Joining top plate
Neck/Scroll Carving
Bass Bar fitted
Shaping Neck Finishing Process
Fitting up/ Adjustments
Ebony pieces fitted
This is the story of my Opus# 16 violin: A young woman named Dinah asked me to make
her a violin. She was one of my wife Karen's former latin students, and is a fine pianist and piano instructor. However she wants to learn to play the violin someday and feels that now is a good time to purchase a fine instrument on which to learn. She brought her family and a violinist friend by to sample instruments I had previously completed, deciding afterwards to commission her own instrument. She was involved in the selection of the woods and varnished appearance, and as you will see, she stopped by from time to time to watch the progress over the three month construction period.
I believe she was very satisfied with the results...
copyright (c) 2004 by David A. Langsather all rights reserved (both photos and descriptions).
Violin making is the craft of beginning with certain pieces of good tone wood... And then removing this much of the wood, leaving ...: