(Modified 8/4/2014)
Useful Tools...
..Here is some good news! These several tools and charts are about all the specialized tools that are required to measure and adjust for tap tones. {Plus the results for 15 years of research of course!} Just click on photos (or text) to learn more about each.
A special fine tooth hardwood saw.
A proper scraper.
A special file.
A proper wooden tap tool.
..Vigdorchik tuning sheet for Top plate inside (or Back plate outside).
..Print off this sheet to record information and adjustments on for each instrument you work on.
..An actual data sheet from my Opus #24 violin that turned out to play very well.
..Vigdorchik tuning sheet for Back plate inside (or Top plate outside). Note: no space for the text!
...Nathan violin tap tone reference tool {tune or check your violin compared to this acoustical model...} an instructional video...