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Pierre Lieba...Bio
Editors note:
..Pierre has been a colaborator over the years and a real encouragement to me.
..He has corrected me from time to time as well.. His receny work in areas of scroll, tuning peg, and tail gut tap tone tuning have encouraged me to add thiese areas to this website. Thank you Pierre!

...Pierre hails from the island of Jamaica, home of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. In Jamaica, his violin career was initiated and nurtured by Dr. Brathwaite, the late Mrs. Fay Ennever Robotham and Mr. Noel Peck. Later, while pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering in Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Gunilla Tang Kai furthered Pierre’s competence in violin playing.
... As a result of this expert guidance, Pierre won music festivals in both islands, played with and was briefly concert master for the national Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago, and was featured on national television.

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