(Revised 1/1/2015)
Musician Challenge.....
...This section is for professional musicians and others who are fortunate enough to be playing on the best stringed instruments in the world.
...You know, like no one else could, how truly rare that perfect or almost perfect instrument is to find. I suspect you clearly remember the huge financial investment required to aquire said instrument. Unless I am mistaken, a significant part of the 'specialness' of your instrument is the complementary arrangement of the tap tones of the various parts of your instrument. Because there are quite a number of important interactive parts of your instrument that must all be working together to produce that special tone and power, it is rare to find an instrument where all are!

.. If you would share that information with the world (by doing a simple tap tone survey of your instrument) it might allow makers the world over to make better instruments; as well as allowing audiences the world over to appreciate the highest level of musical artistry more often; and if more such instruments were available, it might lower the price and availability of such master instruments. This information 'sharing' will only take a hour of your time for a gentle tap tone survey which you can then send me a copy of for analysis.
..I am asking you to surrender, in a way, part of your musical advantage; the part that tap tone arrangement of the parts of an instrument contributes to a special performance; and am appealing to your sense of the greater good. So many musicians are struggling along trying to make good music on instruments that are acoustically not up to the task! Many of these instruments are well made, look good, but are only producing a mediocre sound. The results of the Tap Tone Project is to open the door to understanding the part that this technolocy can and does contribute to making excellent instruments. It will give good makers around the world another set of tools to make their own new instruments perform at a higher level, and perhaps more importantly, to make consistently good instruments.
..Thank you for your help!
David Langsather at Salem, Oregon, USA
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E.
Salem, Oregon USA 97301
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