(Modified 6/06/2014)
Who has shown an interest?
...Over the past 15 years, a number of violin makers, both amateur and professional, as well as those interested in traditional stringed instruments have expressed an interest in this work. I believe they are searching for methods or techniques that would help them to make better instruments.
...Included among them are:
the editor of the VSA journal; a materials researcher working for a famous Chicago violin making firm; a full time violin maker living in Cremona, Italy;
an amateur maker in Canada who has made two visits; a professional guitar wood supplier from Seattle, WA area who makes violins as a hobby and wants to improve his results; a orchestra concert master from the Bahamas, who wants to improve the instrument he plays on; A serious amateur make from Belgium, who took vacation time several years ago to visit; an amateur maker from Iran who is interested in making his own instrument.
...In short, a variety of individuals, all of whom are open to discovering a new technique of practical violin acoustics that they can apply to solve specific difficulties they are experiencing, or to better understand these amazing stringed instruments we call the violin family.
...I believe that it is just now, that enough discoveries have been made that a comprehensive practical acoustical approach based on the Tap Tone technique, (combined with the best traditional measurements, graduation patterns and violin making traditions) which allows good instruments to be consistently made.
(c) David Langsather 2014