Range of Uses for Tap Tone Technology:
...Tap Tone Technology may have several uses in the future, unless I am mistaken:
*** A comprehensive method of evaluating an instrument to discover what is acoustically working, and what areas of the instrument might be adjusted to produce better tone, power and response.
*** A reliable method for practicioners to make excellent instruments, nearly every time with a constistent and appreciated tone.
*** A 'simple' adjustment technique to make simple corrections to answer players specific needs on their performing instrument.
...Such as:
... "this string (or the entire instrument) does not have as much power as the others"
... "The open string does not sound the same as the same fingered note on the next lower string"
... "The response of the instrument is slow, or just slow on this string or strings"
... "There is an area on the fingerboard where the notes are not as powerful as elsewhere"
... " The tone of the instrument is scratchy, not steady"
... " The beauty of some of my strings is better than other strings"

... These and many other problems can be adjusted with these

***A reliable technique to pick out replacement fittings for instruments, say a new bridge, tailpiece or fingerboard.