(Revised: 7/9/2014)
Tap Tone Project...Initial Completion Results...
  This 'Tap Tone Project' has evolved over the past 15 years from humble beginnings, noticing that fitting a small metal pin into the end pin of my first violin made significant changes to the tone (it greatly damaged it!). I wondered why such a major change from so small a change.
...This began a study to determine what the correct tap tone for the end pin 'should be' for optimal performance. Once that was determined, then what about the saddle (block of ebony wood that the tailpeice tailgut rests on; would it to have an ideal tap tone for best violin acoustical performance...
...This eventually lead to examining the entire instrument, one part at a time, until today I am presenting these findings, the result of over 15 years of approximately 2 hours per day effort, $20,000 spent, 25 violins made and remade and tested and retested, thousands of pages of violin related reading, numerous acoustical tests and training of new skills, not forgetting much prayer and appreciation for gentle guidance and the next step, when the trail to progress seemed blocked...until I believe I can take a well made instrument of good quality wood, analyze its current acoustical state and decide which parts need to be adjusted to made the instrument perform to near its maximum acoustical potential.
...It is my hope that some of you readers will take up the effort and continue to improve the ideas and techniques presented, all for the betterment of stringed instrument playing and performance; to help keep classical music alive and begin to again grow in popularity; to make violin playing mare satisfying for both player and listener.
...I make this request, as I have done this project, and present it as a gift, I would ask that you would also share future positive developments and improvements with others; {remember that you can also send me information you uncover, and I will be willing to add the information on this site (of course giving credit to your efforts}.
...All my best to your efforts, to the advancement of violin making and adjusting.
  (c) David Langsather May 25, 2014 A.D. Salem, Oregon USA
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