David A. Langsather, Luthier of Salem, Oregon USA
(Revised 7/2014)
...Hello, my name is David Langsather and I have a passion for building fine toned violins. I am particularly interested in solving the riddles of what exactly it is that makes for a fine sounding violin, that can stir the soul of the listener and give great satisfaction for the musician who plays it.
...My very nature is wanting to understand how things work and solving problems. I studied mechanical engineering technology at Oregon State University, graduating with a bachelor of science degree in 1971.
...I have owned and operated Dale Manufacturing, a home based auto parts rebuilding business full time since 1979. Beginning about 1998, I became interested in violins, and began to study violin making from many books, several friends, and much experimentation and testing. For the past ten years I have been priviledged to have Ron Kilde help me weekly with a violin lessons, or more likely providing a professional test of my different violin experiments. Working together with Ron we have made steady progress refining avenues that show promise and discarding those that did not. One thing leading to another until my current violins show a definite refinement both in power and tone that comes from having the various parts of the violin working together.
. A truly wonderful violin is very rare and with my {Heavenly} Father's help, each month I imagine that I draw closer to that goal of making consistently excellent instruments.
...My wife and I remodeled of our living room area into a musical room, complete with hardwood ceiling and floors for an excellent mini-concert hall sound. ...This space is wonderful to play in and it excellent for comparison testing violins. If you would like to compare a violin you have with what I currently have available, please call for an appointment. (503) 364-8685 PST.
... We are located near the I-5 freeway an hour south of Portland in Salem, Oregon, USA.
Engineering degree from Oregon State University, 1971
(Mechanical Engineering Technology)