Violin Saddle Adjustment....
(revised 8/2017)
Page AA_03
Scrape on these surfaces, to raise the tap tone (down direction of the top of the saddle) on that side of the saddle.
...Scrape/ file the curve of the back side shape to raise the tap tone directly above.
...If the tap tone is Too High then lightly scrape or file the very top surface of the top of the saddle. Just a little at a time as this lowers the tap tone quickly.
Downward Tap direction on top surface is what we are interested in...
Make the tap tone even across the flat top surface from side to side. Adjust as necessary.
Adjust the tap tone (downward tap of top surface at tail gut contact) to match the back plate fundamental tap tone of 198 HZ. Adjust the wood to either side of the contact of each tailpiece gut. A small tapered flat file with one edge side perfectly smooth to allow close work with out damaging the tailgut.
..Click here to see a summary of research based tap tone relationships of successful instruments.