What Makes A Fine Violin?
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..This Violin is an acoustical phenomenom ...and I think, even today, people do not understand acoustics ... so well. One thing I have learned, with the violin, is that every millimeter, everything that you do to the bridge; If you shave a millimeter from the side of the bridge; the sound changes. If you take,... have a little bit of wood (changed) from any part of the violin, the whole balance changes. So, um, it is incredible!
..Or even change this piece, or this piece... it is all balanced, and, very delicate, and so this is something that Stradivarius was; even a genius.
Quote from Joshua Bell in movie: "Stradivari: Search for Perfection" (2003) [at 23:35-24:35]
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 Wood Selection
What Value is :
Tap Tone
Technology ??
Is there a Nature Musical Scale ??
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My Story
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  How Do Violins sound like made with these guidelines?
Violin Acoustical
...I am just now completing a two year research study focused on Violin Timbre {Tone} and am presenting this for the first time as well as updated and more perfected information, goals, and instructions. Thank you for your patience.
...It will take some time to update the many pages and videos, but I believe you will find it more useful.
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